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Bellastem Biotechnology Limited

Founded in March 2014 by a group of returned oversea doctors and located in the High-tech Zone of Gaomi City, Shandong Province, Bellastem Biotechnology Limited(BBL) now stands as a state-level hi-tech enterprise providing biotech services of tumor biotherapy, R&D and clinical application of stem cells as well as genetic detection .

BBL has a high-level talent team with solid professional skills, which has 1 external academician, 7 external doctor’s degree holders,5 doctor’s degree holders,15 master’s degree bearer and nearly 100 bachelor’s degree or above possessor. With all the equipment imported from abroad and a complete quality control system required by GMP, BBL has built a 3000㎡-sized, 10K, partly hundred level sterile and modernized immune cell lab which has reached international advanced level and accords with the standard of FDA, GMP and Good manufacture practice for sterile medical devices (YY0033-2000). The company has established Weifang Stem Cell and Immunotherapy Engineering Technology Research Center, Weifang Key Laboratory of Cellular and Genetic Engineering and Weifang Genetic Disease Genetic Testing Engineering Research Center. Particularly, BBL established the first, also the only Med Lab in the city of Weifang, which has medical examination and practice qualifications in specialities of clinical immunology, serology and clinical cellular molecular genetics, etc.

Always holds “the world’s leading medical technology for China ” as its mission and to provide high-end medical technology services for all patients in China, BBL conducts active and deep cooperation with other trusted scientific research and medical institutions at home and abroad, focusing on R&D and application of life sciences and cutting-edge biomedical technology, facilitates transformation of scientific research achievement, strongly promotes industrialization of R&D, production and sales of series products of stem cells and cell culture medium and continuously improves the level of biological cell immunotherapy.

Development path

  • In March 2014, the company was founded in the High-tech Zone of Gaomi City, Shandong Province with a registered capital of 13 million RMB.
  • In October 2014, with 33 million RMB as its first-stage project investment, the company established a 3000 ㎡-sized purification laboratory, which accords with EU standards and has passed the inspections of CDC of Shandong Province.
  • In June 2015, the company established Weifang stem cell and immunotherapy engineering technology research center.
  • In September 2015,the company established Weifang key laboratory of cellular and genetic engineering
  • In April 2016,the company established Weifang genetic disease genetic testing engineering research center.
  • In September 2016,the company established the first Medical Detection Institute in Weifang city.
  • In December 2016, the company was identified as a state-level hi-tech enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology

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