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Scientific knowledge

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Mesenchymal stem cells, which are researched most and fastest developed stem cell at home and aboard in recent years for their capability of differentiating into bone, cartilage, adipose, nerve , muscle and many other kind of histiocytes, are being applied to the therapeutic research of various diseases. Moreover, mesenchymal stem cells are known as good materials to repair and reforge the injured tissues and organs of human bodies. Mesenchymal stem cells were first found in bone marrows, later, in postnatal placenta (include umbilical cord) tissues. The application study of mesenchymal stem cells were originally used to repair bone and cartilage. Now the study of mesenchymal stem cells therapy has expanded to stroke, CP, AMI, chronic ischemic heart diseases, hepatic diseases, and dental, cornea, blood diseases and so on.

Hemopoietic Stem Cells

Hemopoietic stem cells are a type of somatic stem cells, which are most abundant in bone marrow. Hemopoietic stem cells are the first kind of stem cells to be used in clinical therapy. It has been a common approach in China and aboard to treat leukimia with hemopoietic stem cell transplantation. In the past, hemopoietic stem cell transplants were mainly depend on the hemopoietic stem cells that extract from donors, which needed to find a matching type. With the discovery of hematopoietic stem cells in umbilical cord blood, preserving autologous hemopoietic stem cells in umbilical cord at baby’s birth are emerging.