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BBL’s Cell Technology Help to Fight against the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic

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BBL’s Cell Technology Help to Fight against the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic


According to the official information, by the end of February 11, 2020, a total of 44,726 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection had been reported, and up to 21,675 people are suspected cases. The numbers of daily confirmed and suspected cases are growing at thousand for the counting unit. The prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia has entered a critical period. Since the outbreak, people not only use all kinds of ways of traditional medical therapy to address the epidemic, but also high and new technologies are joining in the war, such as precision medicine and stem cell research.

BBL’s Anti-epidemic Action is Underway

On January 30, 2020, Weifang Science and Technology Bureau issued the Notice on the Emergency Launch of a Special Science and Technology Project on the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, supporting relevant units and researchers to carry out science and technology research for the novel coronavirus infection and the prevention and control of new emerging infectious diseases.

To actively respond to the call about the epidemic issued by Weifang municipal party committee and government and Weifang Technology Bureau, and give full play to our own knowledge of technical reserves and industrial advantages, BBL is carry out the enhanced immune preparation research and development on the basis of the original five research subjects of novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment with stem cells and immune cells in the company, and now the relevant is underway.

The original five topics in BBL related to novel coronavirus:

  1. Immune support cells preparation service to prevent and control immunocompromised initiated novel coronavirus infection
  2. Mesenchymal stem cell preparation service used for virus treatment and lung injury repair
  3. Immunoregulatory cell products preparation service used for virus treatment
  4. Immune cells, NK products preparation service used for virus prevention, control and treatment
  5. Virus sensitized DC -CIK cell products preparation services used for coronavirus infection prevention and control

The project, for the treatment of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, entitled “Preclinical Study on Different Immune Cells for the Treatment of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia”, had been submitted to Weifang Science and Technology Bureau on February 9, 2020 for the “Special Projecst on the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia”.
This project aims to evaluate the efficacy and safety of different immune cells to the novel coronavirus pneumonia through preclinical research on different immune cells in the treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia, and sift an enhanced immune agents to provide objective basis for patients against 2019 – nCoV virus, further promote the immune cell therapy in the application of the new type of pneumonia, and provide the basis for further clinical trials.

About BBL
Bellastem Biotechnology Limited, located in Gaomi High-tech Zone, Weifang City, was founded in 2014 by a group of returned oversea doctors. The company is specialized in biological cell technology research and development and has made great progress in stem cell therapy for common chronic diseases, immune cell therapy for cancer, and innovative cell therapy for AIDS. BBL has taken a leading position in China. The company now has more than 50 invention patents that have been applied and accepted, and the number of independent intellectual property rights ranks first in Shandong province and top in China.

BBL Has a high-level talent team with solid professional skills, which has 7 doctor degree holders, 17 master degree holders, 1 External academician, and build the Hou Yunde Academician Workstation. The company has close cooperation relations with academician Hou Yunde (winner of the nation’s Highest Science and Technology Prize, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Zhao Jialiang (academician and vice president of Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis) and other top talent teams. BBL has a strong talent resources advantage.

The company and the Institute of Viral Disease Prevention and Control of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention jointly undertook the major scientific and technological innovation project of Shandong province in 2019 — Gene Editing Technology CAR-T Cell Treatment Project for HIV; The project of “Stem Cell Technology for the Treatment of Fundus Macular Degeneration”,jointly carried out with Peking Union Medical College Hospital is undergoing phase I clinical trial. BBL has always been committed to cooperating with the top institutions at home and abroad to “serve China with the world’s leading technology”, so the company has made innovative research achievements in stem cell and immune cell therapy.

What experts say on stem cells fighting against the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic

On February 3, CCTV’s “Live News Room” conducted an exclusive interview with Li Lanjuan, a member of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission. Academician Li Lanjuan mentioned many times in the interview that stem cell therapy will take part in the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia. Li Lanjuan said that the application of stem cell therapy in Zhejiang has been very effective, and the application of stem cell therapy in H7N9 has also been applied, and the rescue of critically ill patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia will also apply stem cell therapy.

At a press conference of the National Health Commission on February 4, Sun Yanrong, Deputy Director of the Biology Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, again mentioned that the emergency program initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology included research and exploration on the clinical efficacy of stem cells in the treatment of severe diseases.

According to earlier media reports, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College said on January 27 that it would use stem cells to treat seriously ill patients with novel coronavirus. On January 29, Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Department approved the application of stem cell therapy technology for the clinical research project of severe and critical pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus.

Zhang Boli, a member of the expert group of the National Health Commission, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reiterated the importance of improving human immunity when answering questions about virus prevention and treatment at a regular press conference on February 3. Academician Zhang Boli said, “our illness is the result of the struggle between the virus and human immunity. When the virus wins, we get ill. So, the higher your immunity is, the less likely you are to get infected, it is not serious even if you get infected”.

As all people throughout China work together to fight the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, BBL would like to express the most sincere concern and sympathy to our country’s frontline medical staff and workers who fight against the epidemic. We will set the whole force of our company, fully mobilized scientific research, application and other departments to accelerate the development of cell technology for the treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia, and will always stand together and forge ahead with these frontline “soldiers”.